Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is An Unusual Point of View (or POV). Since I’m always looking for the photograph-less-taken (although I am guilty of more than my fair share of ‘chocolate box’ pictures too), I thought that I would contribute my little mite to this topic. So here goes. Here are my (slightly) unusual viewpoint pictures…

Cardiff nightscape - the Millenium Stadium

Cardiff nightscape – the Millennium Stadium

This caught my eye one evening – the struts to the left are two of the Millenium Stadium’s scaffold structure in Cardiff city centre. I love silhouetted buildings against the sky – for once, it worked!


Chicago buildings

Chicago buildings

Chicago buildings






These were taken in Chicago. Once I saw the city skyscrapers and office blocks reflected in the ‘Bean’ I couldn’t resist these shots. If you look really closely, you can see me taking the photo…




This was taken on a walking trip on a very, very hot day. We were standing in a huddle waiting for a couple of our group members to catch up, so I took the opportunity to capture an alternative group photograph.

Tree Fern leaves

Tree Fern leaves

And finally…
I’ve always loved the architectural qualities of tree ferns. These leaflets almost look like railroad tracks.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post!

Have a good week!




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