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Living life – every day

Those four little words sure look rather superfluous. After all, if you are alive, then you are already living your life, every single day of it.

My point here is that rather than living life, inhabiting every last crumb of it, filling the stadium from side to side and in its entirety, mostly, I merely exist. Though it’s amazing just how much has turned out right, even with my (inadvertent) attempts to mess everything up.

Now, however, a sense of mortality has kicked in and I find myself gazing over my shoulder at my own finite deadline. I could ignore this new cue just like I’ve ignored every other one in my life, but I rather like the urgency created by it. Rather than existing I am, for the first time, pondering how to cram my existence to overflowing with life. I want a sense of endless abundance, of life bursting my seams. Most of all, however, I want to know that the very fact I have lived has meant something. Even if that something is only meaningful to me.

This is why I have chosen the picture of Stonehenge as my header. This was taken at dawnbreak one summer’s day from within the circle itself, gazing out over the surrounding sacred landscape. No, it wasn’t midsummer and I wasn’t surrounded by hordes of white-robed druids. This was a tour guided by a bona fide archaeologist. We wondered at the circle. Walked the sacred landscape. Clambered up hill and down dale. Appreciated the numinous. Lived – and this is the important thing here – actually lived in the moment we were inhabiting.

This is what I want for myself. A life lived in the moment, full of wonder, appreciation, fully inhabited. Where the numinous is welcome, but the everyday is loved. A quest handmade for me, a modern-day, battered, tired, tries-so-hard warrior with a dicky digestive system and allergies. Whose eyes are often watering so hard from pollen that they can’t see the path, let alone the destination. This is why the journey is infinitely more precious than arriving and why every experience, every knock, every sneeze, every moment of inattention overcome lines the path for others to follow. Come. Join me.

You may enjoy the ride.



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